About us

Founder Dean Beaumont

I’m Dean Beaumont the first professional male Antenatal Educator in the UK and founder of DaddyNatal. I have five children, Oren, Willow, Brock, Heath and Iris.

DaddyNatal is not my job its my passion. A passion that was born out of my experiences from the birth of my son Oren and built on by the birth of Willow.I thought I was well informed as an expectant father having attended antenatal classes and done mountains of reading and research. Unfortunately I was mistaken, which resulted in the memories of the birth of my son being tainted with feelings of guilt. Guilt both in respects of having let Steph down but also guilt at realising I wasn’t really prepared for the birth of my son at all.

Reflecting back on his birth made me realise how little information there had been to prepare me for this journey. Then doing further research I came to realise that in fact there really wasnt any resources or support specifically to prepare expectant fathers.

My vision is to create inclusive services which empower men to be able access the learning and support they need to become great birth coaches, great dads and supportive partners. I now pioneers a range of services, products and support targeted for men and empowers them to become the parents which they want to be.

I trained for the Diploma of Childbirth Education (Dip CBEd) through Childbirth International.