Win a BabyBjorn Travel Cot

We are very excited to have a BabyBjorn Travel Cot worth £199 up for grabs. The cot was a huge success in The Dads awards and the focus groups loved the product for its quality and ease of use, awarding it the prestigious Gold Award in the Best Travel Product category.

Travel Cot

The improved BabyBjorn travel cot, still has the same lightweight and comfortable features but with a mesh fabric all the way down to the floor meaning that parents and little ones can see each other. The mattress attachment has been made even simpler too.

Avoiding any loose parts or difficult assembly was crucial for the new design, and the solution was a unique lightweight construction. In a few seconds, and with a single movement the BabyBjörn Travel Cot is up and ready to use. The cot stands firmly on the floor, and simply folds to be put away in its perfectly shaped carry case.

  • Weighs only 6 kg, including carrying case.
  • Simple to setup and put away. In one easy movement, the travel cot is set up and ready for use.
  • Safe for your child. The sturdy mattress keeps the travel cot firmly on the floor.

So how do you win one? Simple, post your comment below telling us you number one travel tip.

Entries close 8pm Sunday 10th May, DaddyNatal decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.
Travel cot can only be delivered to a UK address

11 thoughts on “Win a BabyBjorn Travel Cot

  1. GroChair – amazingly simple, we don’t go anywhere without ours and its small and light enough for my handbag!

  2. Books – we take them everywhere gor our boys. Keeps them entertained in the car at swimming lessons or while we are just waiting around. As we have so many its easy to change them.

  3. Always have a handy sized travel bag with books, a few toys, drink & healthy nibbles (Nappy & wipes is a must) Keeping them entertained keeps them happy – I’d travelling in the car is worth investing in a children’s music CD- lots of extra smiles, giggles & dancing teddies!

  4. A baby sling and Vaseline, although not to necessarily use together.
    A sling can be used anywhere for travelling, comforting and naps.
    Vaseline has multiple uses for both baby and Mum.

  5. My number one travel tip is to pack smart with a “magic” bag which has everything divided inside into smaller, clear bags including a food bag with snacks for everyone, a surprise bag with a couple of new small toys wrapped up, a bag with stickers and a couple of books and a compact nappy change wallet, change of clothes and a wet bag for the inevitable spills or accidents!

  6. When on a road trip with a baby I’d recommend stopping at regular intervals so that you and baby can stretch and have a nice little break outside of the car!

  7. Try travelling after bedtime with normal routine (pj’s, milk and story) but instead of going to bed get in the car. We usually achieve a successful transfer to bed at the other end and our son is ready for the next day after a good night’s sleep!

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