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one meshLast year I was fortunate to attend the launch of BabyBjorn’s latest offering to baby wearing in the form of The Baby Carrier One. I was intrigued by what I saw as a move away from the traditional carriers that BabyBjorn have always been synonymous with and took the opportunity to really explore the carrier and also talk to the designer.

At the launch it was met with a great reception, and I must say the way it is adjustable for size and mode of carry also impressed me. I was delighted to have the opportunity to take the The Baby Carrier One home to review with the newest addition to our family! One of the huge benefits of this carrier has to be that it can be used from newborn – 3 years (or 3.5kg – 15kg), so it adapts to your child as they grow older. The other is the flexibility that this carrier offers in giving parents the choice over using it to front-carry or back-carry, but in a relatively straight-forward way.

Comfort is very important when considering a baby carrier, from both the parent and the child’s point of view. The One has a wide waist belt and padded shoulder straps which made it very comfortable to wear for extended periods for the parent. I am quite broad across the chest and shoulders but found the carrier able to accommodate that, and it was very straightforward to adjust. The carrier appeared to distribute the weight of baby well and I didnt feel any back strain.

Unlike other Baby Bjorn carriers, this one comes with buckles on the front which secure baby into the carrier. The buckles are positive and give a reasurring click when locked in. They can be a little fiddly when you have weight on them, but I did like the added security they give.

For your child, you can vary between four carrying positions.The newborn adjustment for the front carry is great as it places your baby nice and high and ensures that the wearer is able to baby carry safely in line with TICKS guidance.

frontcarryThe inward facing position was the one which I found myself using the most with Brock. The Baby Carrier One was a set of zips which mean the seat of the carrier can be widened, giving your baby a very comfortable carrying position, as demonstrated here by Brock. Was comfortable snug and he certainly was very happy in this position


backcarryI couldn’t wait to try our the back carry as this is what really makes this carrier innovative in its design. Again, in this photograph this is modelled by Brock. I was nervous about how difficult it would be to move baby round to the back, but the carrier does make this relatively straight forward.Your child remains very securely in the carrier, while the straps of the carrier remain around the parents’ body in a loop, while you move baby around to the back.  Not being an experience back carrier, I did start off with my wife as my ‘spotter’ while learning how to do it, but the process is straightforward and feels safe, so a bit of practice made a huge difference to my confidence with this manoeuvre!



This is a carrier which I really like for its versatility, specifically being able to change the mode of carry and its ability to be used with different aged pre-school children. As a user, I really liked it, and found it to be well made, comfortable and easy to use.

Brock has been in this carrier a few times and and has been just as happy in this carrier as any other we have tried (and we have a good collection!) and as the main ‘user’ of the carrier, this is definitely worth note!



The Baby Carrier One is available in stores such as Kiddicare and John Lewis and retails around £120-£140 depending on the colour/style you choose.

You can read more about The Baby Carrier One from Baby Bjorn here.


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  1. These baby carriers are fantastic! We never had one for our first child but had a similar one as described in the post for our second child, Arthur. It was a really useful when going places where a pushchair wasn’t practical and freed your arms up while still managing to carry the baby!

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