Changing Bags for Dads, Mia Tui Ascot

Changing bags for dads has always been a bit of a bug bear for me. For our first two children I never felt I had a bag that I actually felt comfortable with or even one that had even given the smallest consideration for dad in the design… in fact I used to make do with a plain black cheap one that we got free from joining a certain baby club.

Anyone that knows me will have gotten bored of my rants over why isn’t there a decent bag for dads, or my rants about companies that seem to think putting out something with camouflage pattern or referring to it as military makes it “manly”! A quick search on Amazon for changing bags for men returns just 7 realistic possibilities, of which three are by the same brand, just in different colours and of course use the word military!

Every time I am speaking at a show, or we are baby shopping, I am forever checking out to see if there are decent dads bags. I tend to also talk to bag sellers to try and encourage them to design a dads bag. There are a plethora of bags for mums, in every colour style and price band imaginable, the same search on Amazon for changing bags for women has 190 results!

Mia Tui Ascot

Well, finally some one listened!! I met a lady called Charlotte at the Babyexpo in Milton Keynes who produces some beautiful bags under the name Mia Tui, and as usual after complementing her on her bags, I went on to have my discussion around why doesn’t she do one for dads? Well, full credit to her, she listened, we talked and she then designed one! I got to see the results at The Baby Show this February as I was handed one to review. I have to say I was suitably impressed and take my hat off to her for producing both a stylish and functional bag.



Mia Tui Ascot InsideIt is designed with with two choices of colours -in  brown leather, or the one I prefer, with a grey fabric finish (shown in the picture). Inside it is finished in a great bright blue colour and has various compartments and comes with two clear zip up bags to store things. There is also room to hold drinks bottles, a cord to attach keys to and even a convenient pocket for those that wish to carry a tablet/Ipad type device! So yes, this bag has loads of room to carry all those essential you will need when taking your baby out for the day. Obviously, I am looking at this from a changing bag perspective but this bag is also suitable for general day to day use when it is not needed as a changing bag. It is also priced at a very reasonable £48.00.

So I highly recommend it as a must have for new and expectant dads!

BUT there is one minor thing I have to raise, having designed a bag specifically for us dads, Charlotte has then failed to give herself and her bag the credit it deserves. The write up on her website on the bag does not do it justice, stating:

Ascot is our new messenger bag for men or ladies

You’ll find our unique interior with multiple pockets, zips, clips and extra clear bags means you never have to dig for a missing key or phone again. And you’ll fit everything you need in one bag to stay looking stylish.

I’m not sure why, maybe I haven’t convinced her enough of the real need for a decent changing bag for us dads, maybe she doesn’t realise the potential size of the target audience (over 700,000 babies born in UK last year) or maybe she is just  too modest?!

What do you think? Do you agree, did we need a decent dads changing bag? Is there a big enough demand?



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  1. From your pictures, it doesn’t look entirely dissimilar to the Mamas & Papas changing bag we had, which also had a charcoal grey fabric (that matched the travel system we bought it with). I never felt unhappy taking that out and about with me, although both of us tended to hang it from the pram/pushchair handles rather than carrying it over the shoulder. Mostly.

    I would agree, though, that this was an exception rather than a rule, and that there are many more feminine changing bags out there than neutral ones, or ones aimed specifically at men.

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