Maclaren BMW Buggy review and a question!

The Maclaren BMW Buggy

The Maclaren BMW Buggy


At around the same time as I decided I wanted to start supporting brands that presented positive reinforcements of dads as parents, I was offered a Maclaren Buggy to review…and not just any buggy but the BMW specification buggy!



Now this campaign and product raised some questions in my mind, but more on that later – first lets look at the buggy.

First impressions of the Buggy were very good, it was stylish and lightweight yet seemed robust, to the point where it had started converting me already. You see what the PR who sent me this buggy didn’t know is, I hate buggies!!

Mclaren BMW BuggyAnyway, lets look more closely at the buggy and see what faults I can find? The first thing that really appeals to me is the five point harness system. This is great for real security and the safety of your child, they wont be able to slip down and out of the harnesses unlike some other buggies. Next up is the padded buggy liner, very BMW in styling, but excellent for added comfort for your child and this certainly sets it apart from most. I mean have you looked at most buggies? Is it any surprise you see most children fidgeting and wanting to get out of them?

Another great safety point is the brakes, very easy to engage, and a positive action, so you are confident they are on! Steering the buggy is also very positive, with Willow as my test driver we put it through its paces,  Willow is nearly four, so at the top end of the age for buggies in my opinion.

I have always found that with buggies the steering is very poor and normally you find yourself actually forcing them to turn, especially with a bigger child. Not the case with the Maclaren, steering is light, easy and responsive. The front wheels are not fixed but independently moveable making steering very easy. We have a long drive in our close which is herringbone brick, which basically means bumpy, but the buggy takes it in its stride and even seems to damp the effect.

Mclaren BMW Buggy BootSo what else can I say about this buggy… it is easy to open, lightweight, easy to carry and easy to close down. Even better, it doesn’t take up masses of space in the boot. Recently I started a new job and as a company car have been given a Lexus Ct200 Hybrid which has ridiculously small boot due to the space taken up with the batteries. This made it the perfect test for assessing how compact and easily transportable the buggy can be, and indeed it passed with flying colours as you can see from the photo. The buggy is very compact when closed down and has a neat clip that makes it almost possible to fold single handedly.


So overall, as you may have already gathered, yes I do actually really like the Maclaren BMW buggy, it is well made and certainly does the job. My only real reservation is the price, with a RRP of £279 I feel it is a lot of money.

BUT, going back to the start of my review, I’m also interested in products as they relate to and include dads, so I’m interested in your thoughts. The Maclaren BMW is not the first car associated product, we recently also have also seen the buggy which was linked to Aston Martin.

So dads, here is my question. Does a baby product being named after or having a car manufactuer emblem prominently displayed on it make you more likely to purchase it, or to use it? If you had the choice in a line up, does this make a difference – is this what encourages men to get involved? Or are you concerned with other factors, such as price, features, ease of use, etc? I would love to hear your thoughts.





6 thoughts on “Maclaren BMW Buggy review and a question!

  1. Definitely makes buggies more appealing to b named after stylish cars. Although the brands cost almost triple what you would pay otherwise

  2. I saw one of these being pushed by a father on Clapham Common recently – my first thought was that he was an insecure w*nker spending all that money just to have the BMW name on it. I felt sorry for him: if this is what it requires for him to prove his manliness and richness and push a buggy then his life must be very empty and his manliness must feel threatened

    I also compared it to our Maclaren buggy bought for around £30 secondhand – it seemed to basically be the same thing apart from the different cushion and BMW emblems on the wheels. It is definitely not worth the money

    The absolute beauty of Maclarens is their lightness and ability to fold up small (as the review above states) – the larger BMW cushions impair this.

    We do not need pointless branding to make us feel manly in pushing baby. We should appreciate Maclarens for the quality of their design, not their branding

    • I want a Maclaren buggy for its superior durability and was going to buy a 2nd hand one. I then questioned how hard it would have been abused and it’s general hygiene. I have now realised we could be using it for potentially the next 6 years so convinced myself to splash out on a new one. I have a son and thought the BMW theme is a novel idea with some good design features but agreed way too pricey, however now they are sold in several stores for £189 which is less than most of their range!!! I don’t believe buying such a product is a sign of weakness in any way, a buggy can be looked as a fashion accessory but I see it more as a bit of fun. You shouldn’t make such judgemental assumptions, everyone is fee to make their own choices. He could have been a really nice guy and was given it as a present from his mum!

      • Hi there I was interested in purchasing this buggy for my son and was wondering where it was available for £189.00 as that is a very reasonable price for a maclaren stroller.

  3. In answer to your questions;
    A car brand would not drive me to buy such a product but seeing such a unique thing as this has created interest for me to look at the product in more detail. Equally, if it was a Maclaren branded by Durex I would be interested as it is all a bit of fun! When buying, it takes a balance of a good quality and style. If it is competitively priced then I’ll buy it.

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