Dads, we do count! So lets start hammering the message home!!

Baby Beaumont 3 :-)

Baby Beaumont 3


For those of you that have missed it Steph and I are expecting our third child sometime around the end of July beginning of August. If previous form is anything to go by August is more likely. Anyway this has lead me to some serious thinking, hence this post.


With my book “The Expectant Dads Handbook” being published in May this year strangely I have been feeling slightly under pressure to ensure I practice what I preach. This isn’t a problem but it has also led me to consider other things in the run up to the birth of our child.

Some of you will have either read about or heard my appearance on Radio 4’s Womans Hour where i was shouted down after challenging media stereotyping of men as being in a hurry to return to work after is baby born. I have also written about different adverts that we saw over the Christmas period again portraying dads as either useless or lazy. I have also written on the subject of dads in a retailer magazine where i talked about the failure of many brands and retailers to not only embrace the dads but also to use positive images of dads in their marketing.

So again I have decided in my own way to practice what I preach in respect of products we will use for our children and our baby. Over the coming months I will be researching and looking at brands to see who in my opinion are not just paying lip service to dads but who actually take an inclusive attitude towards them. This will be not only their marketing but also the design and thought behind their products. As far as retailers go I will be looking at their marketing, from images used to information provided, as many of them also now include tips and advice pages I will also be looking at those and seeing if again they are truly looking to support dads and have taken the time to get proper advice or whether it is just rehashed stereotypical trash.

I will not only be naming those that I feel are giving the right messages I also intend to shame those I feel are ignoring dads or are reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes.

Mums and Dads please join in with me, tell me those brands and companies you feel are either positive or need shaming. Join me in buying from brands that include dads and use positive imagery and stop buying brands and from retailers that do not. The way to start changing attitudes and getting more positive reinforcement is by showing them that dads are equal parents and we are also involved in buying decisions.

Brands have the power to change attitudes, they can start to challenge media stereotypes, they spend millions each year on marketing, all we are saying is how about including some positive images of dads.

Here are couple of great images from couple of leading brands, can you spot who?
babybjornbouncer (2)stokkepushchairdad (2)


11 thoughts on “Dads, we do count! So lets start hammering the message home!!

  1. Really agree with what you say in this blog post. I e-mailed Tesco about their Baby & Toddler club several months ago but didn’t get a reply. Although they say that the club is about ‘parenting’, the way in which many of the articles are phrased leaves men out of the equation by uniquely focusing on the mother to baby relationship. They do have an article entitled ‘How to be a good dad’, but this does feel very tokenistic given that the general thrust of the majority of the site. Definitely a candidate for ‘naming and shaming’. Good to see that there are other companies out there that are taking a more progressive approach.

    • Thank you, yes tescos definitely will be reviewing them. Even spoke to their PR company who promised to come back to me and nothing. Even offered to work with them on their advice pages and do some dad specific information, again nothing!! Very disappointing

  2. Brands that don’t acknowledge the reality of modern fatherhood are missing a trick. Our generation of dads is very different to that of my father’s. Every single dad I know is hands-on in an incredibly positive – and competent — way. For brands and advertisers to portray us as a bit feckless and clueless is stupidly counter-productive.

    • Here here, succinctly put as always, thank you. I really feel that those that take the time to understand dads, reinforce positve messages will a) be doing a great service for all parents and children, and b) will financially benefit as well. It is a total win win situation for brands and retailers a like so I don’t not understand why more are not doing it.

  3. Great idea! Is the buggy an iCandy? There was a TV ad on recently, I think for ASDA, that I was pleased to see featured a very positive image of a Dad; even had him expertly changing a nappy.

    I am now an official Daddy Natal brand spy 🙂

    • Nope not an Icandy 😉 Will keep eye out for that advert, havnt seen it yet.

      Your mission is to find as many supportive brands and those that need shaming for either ignoring or using unhelpful stereotypes as possible!!

  4. It’s not just when they are first born either – my husband has to miss out on so much because of his working hours. I guess he is fortunate that his company allow him some flexibility (mainly because our son is disabled) and he can go in later and work later. Well done on challenging these brands.

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