Wooden toys – a feature on Pintoys from the Wooden Toy Shop (sponsored post)

Most of you are more than aware sponsored posts on here are a rare thing indeed, but today I changed my mind and accepted this one.

Why? Simple, I love wooden toys, I have great memories of playing with ones my grandfather made for me as a child. Sadly, today I’m not sure how many of us as dads could make the sort of wooden toys that are safe for our children to play with. I know I certainly couldn’t but they are such great, durable and fun things for our children. So for that reason (and the fact that what was sent to me wasn’t the usual boring advertorial) I decided to let one slip through the net.

For thousands of years, young children have played, enjoyed and experienced the special relationship that we humans have had with wooden toys; especially so, if those toys have been handcrafted. In fact, some of the oldest toys ever recorded were from the Indus Valley Civilisation which existed in South Asia from 3300-1300 BCE. In ancient India and Pakistan, archaeologists have found small carts, whistles and wooden monkeys; proving that wooden toys are not a fad, but a toy that will quite simply never go out of fashion.

With that in mind, wooden toy manufacturers are now producing some of the highest quality wooden toys that have been made over the past five thousand years! With more colours, higher quality wood, and exciting new ideas available, children are now able to learn, experience and enjoy a traditional form of toy in a totally new way.

Take for example, Pintoy Toys from the Wooden Toy Shop.  Pintoy is an environmentally friendly toy manufacturer that produces some of the finest wooden toys on the market; totally from replenishable sources of high quality wood. With an ethos of innovative, educational, safe and valued toys, they are taking the wooden toy market by storm. Take a look below at some of the fantastic products that they have on offer:

Alphabet and Number Blocks

Made from the finest quality rubber wood, Pintoy’s Alphabet and Number Blocks offer children the fantastic package of learning whilst they play; not only with numeracy, but the double delight of literacy, so that you can teach your children the wonders of both worlds. Aimed at children of two years and older, they would make a great birthday present for any child who is but a year from their first steps in education.

Sorting Basket

Shapes are one of the earliest entities that children learn to distinguish between; before numbers and before letters, children, quite naturally learn to distinguish between different shapes. The Pintoy sorting basket offers your child the fun of shapes and sizes; learning without even being aware that they are doing so! Of course, although there are various electronic gadgets available to do this in our modern age, they do not however, offer your child the physical stimulation of learning along with the hand-eye coordination that comes with it.






Pintoy Fire Engine

If you’re looking for something traditional with a somewhat of a modern twist, then the Pintoy Fire Engine could be just what you are looking for. By taking our attention away from education for just a second and gazing upon the wonder and craft that has gone into the manufacturing process of the vehicle, you can rest assured that if you choose the toy, it will simply be one of the best quality wooden products that are available on the market. In addition to this, the fire station, along with beautifully crafted fireman are available to join in on the action!

Marlborough Dolls House

A toy which, perhaps surprisingly, has been enjoyed since the time of the pharaohs around 5,000 years ago; the simplicity of the doll’s house has not changed one iota, though the design quite probably will have.

The Pintoy Marlborough Dolls House encompasses traditional Georgian architecture that is the staple of all recent doll houses throughout the past hundred years. With a front opening face, children can enjoy hours of fun, decorating the make belief home for all their favourite figures and figurines. Also, to accompany the house, there is a plethora of scaled furniture available from Pintoy, which can fit neatly within the recesses and rooms of the house.

Of course, Pintoy Toys from the Wooden Toy Shop are all available with free shipping to all addresses within the United Kingdom.

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