Bump, Babies and Beyond with Myleene Klass and Yahoo

Today I was invited to the launch Of “Bump Babies and Beyond“. This is a web based series launched by Yahoo with Myleene Klass. Below I will publish the official press release but first I wanted to put my own comments on what I have seen and heard so far.

Those, that follow me on twitter etc will have seen me talking about meeting Myleene at the Gurgles last week, my first impression had been that she was lovely, down to earth and a pleasure to have met. So would she live up to my expectations today?

In my discussions, with the PR inviting me to attend, it was also decided my partner Steph who runs Bump Birth and Beyond would come and also the fools lovely people agreed to let us bring Oren and Willow with us.

So first up what is the concept and what do I think?

Myleene Klass at the launch of the new Yahoo! Bumps, Babies and Beyond web-series at Home Sweet Home, London.

OK, the concept is 48, 4 minute videos covering a range of topics with Myleene discussing them with parents and experts alike. Down to earth discussions from every day parents, also with the promise of a number from the dads perspective!! So all good so far. We had the opportunity to watch some of these videos, and I have to say I enjoyed them and I think the decision to make them 4 minutes long is a good one. This gives time for some great points without losing peoples attention and the discussions getting too deep.

Are the videos really going to give parents deep meaningful answers? No, but what they will do is share different sides of discussions, and show that we are not alone in our experiences.

I did take the opportunity to ask during the Q & A would they be shying away from controversial topics, and was pleased to be reassured that they wouldn’t. To many other sites, sit too much on the fence and actually fail to deliver the support, that they could do for parents, by adopting these stances.

Overall I think the concept is an excellent one, the intentions are great now time will tell if they deliver on the promise and potential. I will reserve judgement on the dads involvement but hope that it isn’t tokenism and they genuinely deal with some important topics that dads want the answers too.

Alright, alright, guys I’m getting there, what about Myleene you are asking!!

What can I say, I’m not sure what I expected, even having met her the other night but what we did find was brilliant. Myleene is a truly lovely and beautiful lady, who is extremely down to earth and a pleasure to talk to. I wont steal Stephs story but hers starts with Myleene in the loo 🙂

Myleene, playing with Willow

For me I think this picture really sums her up, she was great with our kids, always taking every opportunity to talk to them and she won them over immediatley, and our kids are pretty fussy who they befriend. Whilst we watched the videos Myleene was kind enough to look after our kids 🙂 Now theres a story for them when they older.

I know, why is this relevant? Well for me if someone is going to head up information for parents then I want to see they 1) Understand being a parent 2) Genuinely love children.

I am pleased to say I have no doubt Myleene does both of those, so I really hope that she and Yahoo fulfil the potential of what they are doing and wish them all the best with it.

Official Press Release

LONDON, 12 September 2011: Yahoo! Lifestyle is today launching ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’, an exclusive new web-series with Myleene Klass. During the series, run in association with Nokia, Myleene joins fellow mums and dads to talk tips, tricks and uncover the truth behind common parenting myths.

Four months after giving birth to her second child, Myleene is back to host the new series which runs until the end of November. She explained: “Bumps, Babies and Beyond is all about sharing the experience of parenting with actual parents – not just hearing from experts. We tackle everything – from breastfeeding in public to choosing baby names – with candid conversations, free from judgment or pressure, and with some much needed humour too.”

Taking its inspiration from Myleene’s Sunday Times bestselling book ‘My Bump and Me’, the series covers everything from what  labour is really like, the facts about having sex when you’re pregnant and how to cope with pushy parents at nursery. In other episodes, mums film real-life parenting experiences on Nokia E5 smartphones and share them with Myleene and fellow parents.

Myleene said “When a baby comes along, you can rest assured so will the advice, the criticisms and opinions. This happy, scary, confusing time is often peppered with the comments ‘you’re not the first woman in the world to have a baby’ , ‘they don’t come with a manual you know’ and my favourite, ‘just get on with it’. Of course, as parents, that’s exactly what we have to do, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little help and honesty.”

Split into 48 four minute, online, on-demand episodes, ‘Bumps Babies and Beyond’, is the perfect format for parents to fit into a hectic family schedule. It is available to watch exclusively on Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Claire Mitchell, Yahoo! UK Lifestyle Senior Editor added “Bumps, Babies and Beyond adds to the great digital parenting content we already have on Yahoo Lifestyle, including a blog from Sara Cox. We hope that Myleene, talking frankly with other mums and dads, will be a refreshing format for both new and more established parents to enjoy.”

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  1. Glad you’re involved Dean! They contacted Doula UK too and I spoke to the researcher. Now you’re Myleen’s best friend 😉 maybe you could give her a gentel suggestion not to use the dreaded ‘breastapo’ language? It doesn’t do much for her rep 🙁 Sad, cos she breastfeeds and seems a genuinely nice person. I’m sure she just hasn’t thought it through.

    Maybe she could read this? http://www.phdinparenting.com/2009/05/07/breastfeeding-nazis/

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