Review of the Bit Bike!

OK dads this one is most definitely for you! I heard about this new product called the Bit bike so thought I would do some research and see what the buzz was all about! So found their website BitBike.

The first thing that hit me was the pictures, it looked great!



So then started reading, what was this thing?

“The BitBike has been subjected to extensive tests to meet European safety standards.”

“The BitBike’s award-winning design comes in a range of vibrant colours, so it will really stand out from the crowd, whether you’re in the playground or zooming through the outer reaches of the galaxy.”

“The BitBike’s ergonomic design provides optimum comfort and security for toddlers.”

“Innovative integrated handlebars ensure a good driving position, protecting the rider’s spine and increasing balance, while the molded plywood structure yields to the leg profile to prevent friction. Wide wheels offer stability and balance, which are both essential for superheroes en route to save the earth.”

Ok by now you will know I am skeptical of such claims so contacted them to find out more, had great chat with Billy, who is obviously very passionate about it, and who kindly then offered to send me one!! Result!

The bike is recommended for children between 18 months and 3 years of age. Now as my little boy was just about to have his third birthday and my little girl is just coming up to her second, we had the perfect product testing crew to put it through its paces.

Not being one to miss a trick we hid the bike from the kids and wrapped it up for my little boy to open on his birthday. So the morning of his birthday arrived, his presents at the ready he opened the BitBike, this is where the problems started! As soon as it was opened he was off and riding! The rest of the presents ignored! Thanks BitBike! Unfortunately more was to ensue, having completed a dozen laps of the living room, little sister decided it was her turn and the battle commenced. No amount of trying to convince him to open the rest of the presents was going to work. Eventually he decided his sister could have a go and off she went. She loved it as well and was a natural rider.

Since then it has been outside at every opportunity, they have even started to take turns, and I have to say they love it, and to be honest so do I. It is made to such a high quality, it does everything its meant to. It is simple in concept and that I think is part of the attraction, this kids love it, and no BitBike you are not having it back!

Whether it is just coincidence I cant say but their coordination and balance does seem to have improved, they also seemed to know instinctively how to sit on it and ride it, which again I think is credit to the design.

My only question, is what else do you have in the pipeline? I cant wait to see what designers that came up with this will come up with next!

So in traditional style this receives a resounding full FIVE star review

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