A little about me and DaddyNatal

Im Dean Beaumont the only fully qualified male Antenatal Educator in the UK. I have two children Oren 2 and a half and Willow 18 months. I am approved and registered with the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT) as a teacher and I am also a fully accredited trainer with FEDANT.

DaddyNatal is not my job its my passion. A passion that was born out of my experiences from the birth of my son Oren and built on by the birth of Willow.

I thought I was well informed as an expectant father having attended antenatal classes and done mountains of reading and research. Unfortunately I was mistaken, which resulted in the memories of the birth of my son being tainted with feelings of guilt. Guilt both in respects of having let Steph down but also guilt at realising I wasn’t really prepared for the birth of my son at all.

Reflecting back on his birth made me realise how little information there had been to prepare me for this journey. Then doing further research I came to realise that in fact there really wasnt any resources or support specifically to prepare expectant fathers.

This set me on the path to developing a range of services specifically for men both during pregnancy but also in those first days week and months. DaddyNatal is the first step towards that goal. I want to help as many men as possible avoid having their memories of that special day tainted in the way mine was.

DaddyNatal is run in various venues across the country and is a strictly men only enviroment. The aims of each DaddyNatal course are twofold.

Firstly to allow men to understand the whole picture of pregnancy, labour and birth from a male perspective. Dealing with their fears and concerns in a relaxed and comfortable enviroment. Allowing discussions to take place about their roles, what they want to happen and what they can expect. All of this placing their needs first.

Secondly the aim is to help men understand what their partner is going through, their partners concerns and fears. These are a totally different set of fears and concerns but through understanding the reason behind their partners feelings the aim is to have more understanding within the relationship. We will encourage discussion between partners about their desires and through empowering the men they will be able to make the choice of what sort of birth support partner they want to be. They will understand the options open to them.

Hopefully the outcome of this course will have a positive effect on the whole family. Becoming parents can be a a very stressful time but through correct support, information and understanding these stresses will hopefully be minimised. I aim to empower you to be able to understand the process, and with your partner make choices that are right not only for you but for your whole family as every family is different.

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  1. My name is Jonathan I had my son 4 years ago, before, during and after the birth I had a very bad time with p.n.d, this led to fear on a level I never new existed I could not bond with nor bear to be around my son, in my mind i was actually afraid off him, I was having panic attacks on a weekly basis and I could see no end in sight, I could not hide it from my family and after a very long year I got some help, I admit I had a bad case and with the help off a therapist I eventually came around and I now have the most amazing relationship with my son, I love your site and the work you do is amazing I wish I had this at my disposal 4 years ago things could have been very different as for the most part I felt so alone, I do have a question I hope you can answer about having more children if you have had a bad experience first time around, my wife wants us to try again and i don’t want to disappoint her and nor do I want to leave my son an only child but I do I feel the anxiety return when I think about doing it again is this something that you have any advice on as it would be greatly appreciated?

    would be greatly appreciated?

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